Day 1

At some point, everyone asks: "So what do you do with all those pictures?"  For a long time, forever really, I haven't had a real answer.  Eventually, I'd get around to the truth (usually with a shrug or a laugh): I don't know, I'd say; leave em on my hard drive (or, in my film days, a drawer) until I figure it out.  And there they sit.  still.  in the dark.

So here we go.  Time to figure it out, and bring them out into the light.  That, in a nutshell, is why I created this website.  My Sight.

I started with some photographs from a few recent trips, and some collections of the kinds of things I like to shoot.  You'll find lots of blurry, out of focus shots here, pictures of moving water, plenty of flowers, landscapes, and other natural things, and lots of people, objects and scenes I've stumbled upon along the way.  This isn't close to complete or really ready to launch, but then again it never will be.  It's a work in progress, and I hope it always will be.  There are lots of other trips and collections to add, both from my digital archives and from those old slides and negatives still sitting in a drawer.   And a lot more pictures still to take.  

I'm not sure where this will go or how it will develop.  All I know is that now I have an answer to that question, and a place to share what I see.  So welcome to my sight.  Stay tuned.  Come back.   Poke around.  Let me know what you like, or what you don't.    Good, bad or indifferent it's all good, as long as its honest.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

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